We are a colorful bunch and come from Costa Rica, Peru and Switzerland. What unites us is the love for nature, plant medicines, healing for humans and Mother Earth and of course the Costa Rican motto for all: PURA VIDA!


The Shipibos are famous for their knowledge and centuries-old healing tradition with medicine plants and teacher tree diets. They will travel to Costa Rica, as they usually work in our Shipibo medicine village 'Ani Shinan' in Peru, where they guide people through plant diets. If you are interested in such a diet, check out 



Isabel comes from a long tradition of healing. She is a respected medicine woman in her village. Her devotion and love are contagious. Her main ally is the powerful Shiwawaku tree. Further, she has dieted Bobinsana, Pinon Colorado and Mucura. She is a strong woman and mother of six sons and three daughters. Your heart will sing along with her icaros. Isabel and Francisco are siblings.



Francisco has more than 30 years of experience as a plant healer. He has a variety of icaros and many plant allies that will support you in your growth. His calm and benevolent frequency will be good for your soul and body. He has dieted Shiwawaku, Chiric Sanango, Ishpingo, Bobinsana, Pinon Blanco, Renaquilla and many more. His beautiful singing voice will restructure and balance your avatar. 



Ruty is our good fairy. Everybody loves Ruty and you will soon see why. She is a master in the kitchen and can be found wherever she is needed. She has dieted the Capirona tree and this power flows into her culinary creations. 


For many years, a group of Swiss has maintained close contacts with the Shipibo Nation. Together they have built Ani Shinan. Last year, Pandorita with its 150 hectares of primary rainforest was handed over to their care. A gift they would like to share. They are happy to be able to provide jobs for some locals, travel opportunities for some Shipibos, and to share this paradise with Workshop participants from around the world.



Marquito has been on the plant path for 13 years. He lives in Switzerland, Peru and Costa Rica, where he leads ceremonies. Many could already benefit from his experience. He works as a facilitator during the workshops. 



Sogol is full of joie de vivre and commitment.  She is also courageous and not afraid of difficult processes. Her tree allies are Huaira Caspi and Ayahuma. She works as a facilitator during the workshops.


They grew up in the wonderful Golfo Dulce. They live where others go on vacation. Their knowledge of the local area is of great value. They take care of Pandorita and they are happy to present their homeland. 



Oscar is our land manager. He knows every hidden corner of Pandorita and how to take care of it. He drives the boats and is responsible for all kinds of technical and organizational work.



Paulina works in the kitchen and is responsible for the rooms. She lives with her family nearby, a short boat ride away.



Rhoyzer is our expert for any gardening work. He checks and services the trails in the forest, harvests the fruit and maintains the whole garden area.